From the Editor

This issue talks about change, imminent change and proposed change. Imminent change affects a number of Ontario hospitals and hospitals in other parts of the country. A number of provinces have been closing or merging hospitals to save money. Many of these hospitals have parallel foundations to manage their fundraising and, often, their long-term financial affairs. How will these foundations be affected by the closings or mergers? Mami Whitaker and Carolyn Shushelski investigate the issues.

The Ontario Law Reform Commission has been put out of business by the Ontario Government. One of the Commission’s last reports proposed changes to the law on charities. Jim Phillips provides an overview of this Report in his regular column “Legal Developments”. In a companion article he looks in more detail at the Commission’s analysis of the kinds of activity that are, or should be, considered “charitable” and the Commission’s law reform recommendations.

We hope to have further articles on the Commission’s proposals in future issues. (Authors wanted.)

We close this issue with our annual retrospective, Claudia Willett’s Index to Volume 13. An order form for the Cumulative Index to Volumes 1-12 can be found at the end of the issue and, of course, back copies are readily available.

Look forward to reports of more change in the next issue.




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