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Consistently inconsistent: Unincorporated associations owning real property in Canada

Registered charities, non-profit organizations, and other tax-exempt entities often choose to operate as unincorporated – or voluntary – associations, because of the lack of legal requirements (and fees) associated with this type of organizational structure. As a result, however, these organizations can’t enter into legal agreements, can’t hold title to real property, and can’t protect members from liability.

Systemic Islamophobia by the CRA that targets the heart of the community is the worst kind of all

Over the past year, academics and policy experts have been reporting on what appear to be discriminatory practices in the CRA’s audits of Muslim-led charities. Contributor Memona Hossain suggests six ways the sector can help confront this systemic flaw and work with the Muslim charitable sector to build a strong, authentic, and unapologetic Muslim narrative.

Hybrid organizations: The Canadian landscape

Should an organization be able to have social impact and generate profit? Sarah G. Fitzpatrick looks at the development of hybrid organizations in Canada – and how any further development would benefit from a comprehensive analysis of whether there is a need or space for hybrid organizations.