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Charity law reform: Charitable purpose trusts

This is the second in a series of articles focused on various aspects of charity law that have been a burden on the Canadian charitable and non-profit sector for 70 years. The articles are written by members of the Canadian Bar Association’s Charities and Not-for-Profit Law Section, who deal with these issues on behalf of their clients on a regular basis. In this piece, Terrance S. Carter looks at charitable purpose trusts.

Relieving the burden: Charity law reform in Canada?

The complex regulatory environment for charities and not-for-profit organizations in Canada is in desperate need of simplification. Lawyers practising in this area have been writing about the need for reform for many years. In this series, introduced by Yvonne Chenier, they will raise awareness on these friction-causing issues and offer common-sense solutions.

Why philanthropy needs a new story

The story of philanthropy is not static; it evolves with every new challenge faced. Recently, the calls for reform have been loud and clear – to unlock the billions locked up in endowments, remove “direction and control,” and shift to more reciprocal relationships.

50 years, 50 moments (part 3)

On the occasion of The Philanthropist Journal’s 50th year of publishing, we look back at 50 notable moments, movements, and trends that have affected the non-profit and charitable sector in Canada. Part 3 focuses on the long road to improving sector–government relations.