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The non-profit and justice sectors must work together to end family violence

With Mother’s Day approaching, it is important to talk about the health and well-being of mothers and their children who have experienced or been exposed to intimate partner violence. The release of the Mass Casualty Commission’s final report and the passing of Keira’s Law have put a spotlight on the issue, but we are still falling short of meeting the needs of survivors and their children. The non-profit and justice sectors have much to learn from each other.

Charitable status – lost and found – in 2022

Don McRae writes a newsletter that monitors charity data to see how the sector is changing. In the 2022 revocations, he sees a wake-up call: in particular around the loss of community groups that were hubs of volunteering and community action, and the loss of services and connection that results.

The problem of systemic bias in CRA audits

For the last five months, the Senate hearings on Islamophobia have featured testimony about systemic discrimination in the Canada Revenue Agency’s auditing practices of Canadian Muslim charities. In a healthy democracy, such revelations should cause public outrage and spur urgent corrective action by government. Neither is likely to occur, say lawyers Faisal Kutty and Faisal Bhabha.

Consistently inconsistent: Unincorporated associations owning real property in Canada

Registered charities, non-profit organizations, and other tax-exempt entities often choose to operate as unincorporated – or voluntary – associations, because of the lack of legal requirements (and fees) associated with this type of organizational structure. As a result, however, these organizations can’t enter into legal agreements, can’t hold title to real property, and can’t protect members from liability.

Systemic Islamophobia by the CRA that targets the heart of the community is the worst kind of all

Over the past year, academics and policy experts have been reporting on what appear to be discriminatory practices in the CRA’s audits of Muslim-led charities. Contributor Memona Hossain suggests six ways the sector can help confront this systemic flaw and work with the Muslim charitable sector to build a strong, authentic, and unapologetic Muslim narrative.