Our values

Our core values anchor the decisions we make as an organization. They act as the key touchstones when questions arise as to whether or how we should do something. They are complementary, but individual values can take precedence depending on the specific context.


We cover our topics with breadth and depth, considering subjects from all perspectives. We don’t look for quick solutions; we spend the time and effort necessary to truly understand something and communicate it clearly to our audiences. 


We are boldly independent: a platform without financial, political, or editorial allegiances. This allows us to push the dialogue, foster debate, and hold the sector accountable. 


We believe in people, individually and collectively, and are optimistic in our ability to find ethical and rational solutions together. 


We lead from behind. Though we have our own opinions, our role is to be of service to the members of the non-profit community in all its diversity. 


We are passionate about the written word and believe in its potential to creatively shape a better world. 


We strive to share stories that reflect the diversity and richness of the sector and cover issues of equity and exclusion within the sector and the communities it serves. We commit to featuring voices and topics that are often marginalized in the sector and society.