Diversity and Inclusion

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So you want to fund gender-diverse liberation

As we mark International Transgender Day of Visibility, contributor Désirée Nore Duchesne shares some practical tools for funders who want to support the liberation of gender-diverse people and make our society more equitable, starting with strategic planning and making access to funds a priority.

Gender-based philanthropy: Where did we go wrong?

Toronto Foundation’s Nicola Hives reflects on her organization’s three-year learning journey via the Trust Collective, a group of women philanthropists and community organizations serving women and girls. “We made a lot of mistakes,” she says, but they also learned some important lessons. First and foremost: “We can’t let our ambition to make a difference get the better of us. Thoughtfulness and partnering with community are everything.”

Philanthropy must challenge misogynoir

The term “misogynoir” refers to a particular form of discrimination against Black women, girls, and gender-diverse people. As we mark Black History Month, the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Paulette Senior calls for those with philanthropic clout to vie for better work, invest in better futures, and join the uproar for policy-making that actively includes Black women and gender-diverse people.

Systemic Islamophobia by the CRA that targets the heart of the community is the worst kind of all

Over the past year, academics and policy experts have been reporting on what appear to be discriminatory practices in the CRA’s audits of Muslim-led charities. Contributor Memona Hossain suggests six ways the sector can help confront this systemic flaw and work with the Muslim charitable sector to build a strong, authentic, and unapologetic Muslim narrative.