Creating solutions with community using AI

In the second episode of the Working Title podcast, host Amina Mohamed interviews Peter Lewis, Canada Research Chair in Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence at Ontario Tech University. The discussion explores how AI is transforming non-profit organizations, and the importance of data privacy.

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Series on Work in Progress

The future of non-profit work and workers post-pandemic

In the face of unprecedented demand for services, financial vulnerabilities, and a human resources crisis, the sector is at a crossroads. In this introduction to our Work in Progress series, which will examine the key issues relevant to the future of non-profit work and workers, contributor Yvonne Rodney outlines some of the fixes that are needed now.


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Is AI truly life-changing?

In this first episode of the Working Title podcast, host Amina Mohamed explores AI’s transformative impact on the non-profit sector. In a conversation with communications scholar Rob Hunt, they grapple with the mixed results that the AI revolution has produced so far.

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