Social Innovation

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Halifax Mutual Aid: Building shelters and raising awareness about the housing crisis

Grassroots organizations are an integral part of the non-profit sector, responding to needs and shaping how communities care for each other. This profile, the first in a series, looks at how a group of Haligonians, recognizing that vulnerable people had nowhere to go during the pandemic and that government and non-profit organizations weren’t acting quickly enough, came together to fill a pressing need.

Insertech: Fournir des emplois décents , lutter contre le gaspillage, démocratiser la technologie

Dans le premier volet de notre série Mission Transition, la collaboratrice Diane Bérard dresse le profil de l’organisme sans but lucratif montréalais Insertech, qui forme des adultes sans emploi à réparer des appareils électroniques considérés comme des déchets et les offrir au public à des prix abordables, tout en ayant pour mandat de démocratiser la technologie.

State of emergence: Why we need artists right now

What would it mean to ambitiously mobilize artists to do their most essential work well and fully, with the aim of creating a more sustainable, just, and caring society? Contributor Shannon Litzenberger calls for direct support for individual artists, as world-makers with the potential to catalyze transformative change.