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What is philanthropy for – and can it be made better?

A new book by UK historian Rhodri Davies defines philanthropy not as a stand-alone concept but in relation to social values and political and economic systems – and casts a searching eye on its dilemmas. Reviewer Hilary Pearson recommends it as a good starting point for any new philanthropist or student of philanthropy.

William MacAskill’s latest book is an argument for long-life philanthropy

“Future people count. There could be a lot of them. We can make their lives go better.” These statements capture the essence of the argument made by the author of What We Owe the Future. William MacAskill is widely known as the primary exponent of effective altruism, an approach to “doing good,” in his words, that has as much impact as possible on the well-being of people across the world.

Resilience and the management of non-profit organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the resilience of many organizations. In their practical and timely book, Dennis Young and Elizabeth Searing take the opportunity to look at the larger question of preparedness in sector groups for dealing with circumstances – society-wide or unique to a specific organization – that threaten their viability.