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Volunteerism: In crisis or at a crossroads?

With volunteering in Canada in decline, contributor Yvonne Rodney looks at the data and talks to sector leaders to ponder the way forward. The solution, she writes, includes acknowledging the impact of the pandemic, understanding generational differences, and convincing funders to do more to help organizations.

Too many to name: On the pleasures and perils of volunteering in the arts

Artist Isabella Stefanescu’s essay about volunteering in the arts focuses on Kim Jernigan’s work with The New Quarterly as a pivotal example. As with other sectors, volunteering in the arts, where volunteers often sign up for the long haul, has been losing ground, and the pandemic has further disrupted volunteering at a time when the cultural sector is facing historically high job vacancies.

The future of non-profit work and workers post-pandemic

In the face of unprecedented demand for services, financial vulnerabilities, and a human resources crisis, the sector is at a crossroads. In this introduction to our Work in Progress series, which will examine the key issues relevant to the future of non-profit work and workers, contributor Yvonne Rodney outlines some of the fixes that are needed now.

Insertech: Fournir des emplois décents , lutter contre le gaspillage, démocratiser la technologie

Dans le premier volet de notre série Mission Transition, la collaboratrice Diane Bérard dresse le profil de l’organisme sans but lucratif montréalais Insertech, qui forme des adultes sans emploi à réparer des appareils électroniques considérés comme des déchets et les offrir au public à des prix abordables, tout en ayant pour mandat de démocratiser la technologie.