The Co-operative Programme in Arts Administration: A Progress Report From the University of Toronto Education and Training


This report is one in a series outlining educational programs which are designed to meet the specific needs of charitable organizations. They will be of interest to directors and boards who are seeking staff or management with a high level of skills or who are considering a program of staff or volunteer upgrading.

The Co-operative Programme in Arts Administration was established in 1984 to train students for careers in the organization, management and administration of the arts. At the present time there is a great deal of excitement about the Programme within the university community as well as generally throughout the field.

Academic and Administrative Staff

The Programme is able to take advantage of the talents of numerous scholars with expertise and experience in the arts. Highly qualified professors are teaching subjects in the fields of music, drama, fme arts, business and arts administration. Plans are well under way to employ outstanding authorities in the field for guest lectures and special seminars.

Student Enrolment

There were over 30 applications for admission to the Programme. Each applicant was interviewed at length by the Co-ordinator, and 16 were admitted. Of these, 13 are women; three are men. They come with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and many already have one or two years of university education.

Student Placements

Students must satisfy the following requirements in order to be eligible for a placement: three courses from a major field and one course from a minor field (music, drama, fine art(history) or fine art(studio)); compulsory courses in Arts Administration, Financial Accounting, Economics and Organizational Behaviour; two additional courses; and a 2.5 grade point standing. On this basis, eight students were eligible for placement in the Summer or Fall of 1984. Discussions are underway with a number of institutions in the field concerning placement possibilities.

Information Dissemination and Marketing

Information about the Programme has been disseminated to more than 100 organizations in Canada, the United States and Europe. These include ministries of culture, arts councils, performing and exhibiting arts organizations, service organizations, and administrative agencies. In return, information dossiers have been established on more than 100 organizations for use by faculty, students and administrators.


Consultations have been conducted with numerous authorities inside and outside the Programme. These have included the University ofToronto (Museum Studies Programme, Faculty of Music, Centre for the Study of Drama, and relevant departments in music, drama and fine arts), York University, The Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council, the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, Dance in Canada Association, Ontario Association of Art Galleries, and Association of Canadian Orchestras and others. The purpose of these con­sultations has been to solicit the advice and assistance of recognized experts in the theory and practice of arts administration. There has been a very favourable response on the need for, and design of, the Programme.

Educational Programs in Arts Administration

Exchanges of information and consultations have taken place with those involved in pertinent educational programs in Canada, the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand. Information dossiers have been established on more than 20 such programs, primarily in Canada and the United States, and close contact is being maintained with the Association of Arts Administration Educators in both countries.

Library Holdings and Resource Centre

The library holdings in arts administration have been examined and upgraded as a result of a number of valuable donations from individuals and organizations. In addition, a Resource Centre has been established in the Office of Co-operative

Programmes. This is being stocked with a number of books, booklets, bibliographies and periodicals of interest to arts administration students.


Associate Professor and Co-ordinator of the Co-operative Programme in Arts

Administration, University ofToronto




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