Nonprofit Driven 2022:
Get warmed up with these pre-reads

The Ontario Nonprofit Network and The Philanthropist Journal are thrilled to partner for Nonprofit Driven 2022 with a curated reading list designed just for conference attendees. These articles connect to a variety of conference session topics, and some are written by speakers who will be at the event. We hope the content and diverse perspectives provoke, nudge, and inspire you to start conversations with other attendees, dive further into critical topics, and be part of solutions-building. Start your pre-conference reading journey here.

Shifting the conversation: How the sector is using narrative change to advance social change

Changing the way people think about an issue is a precondition to mobilizing action on it. But which organizations have institutionalized narrative change practices as a strategic priority, and how is that playing out day-to-day? How many non-profits are doing the deep listening necessary to understand how audiences perceive their issues, and developing strategic messaging that can shift the conversation?

The future of work

Ready or not, the future of work is already here. For those who make the world of work their business, there’s reason for both optimism and concern.

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Constrained or enabled? The changing role of Canada’s social sector in promoting civic discourse

Civic discourse and participation are two of the most important indicators of a healthy, vibrant democratic society. In an increasingly polarized political environment, social sector organizations have a critical role to play in fostering social cohesion, facilitating meaningful political dialogue, and mediating citizens’ participation in the democratic process.