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In this issue we examine another aspect of volunteerism—the relationship between volunteer and unionized staff in charitable agencies. Clearly, both are essential to the organizations they serve but their co-existence creates employ­ment issues not found in the private sector. Two articles, the first by Ellen Campbell of the YWCA which looks at the management problems which may arise from the unionization of staff in a voluntary agency and the second, by John Calvert of CUPE which presents the union viewpoint, should provide a basis for discussion in future issues.

Jacke Wolfe of the University of Manitoba has provided us with an interesting comparison of the voluntary sectors in Canada and the United States. Even where there are significant differences in the culture, history and laws in the two countries, this direct comparison provides an opportunity to evaluate our system and to assess and consider whether we should import new ideas.

Michael How also turns our eyes outward with a well-researched article on the advantages of investment in foreign, and particularly, overseas markets. And, closer to home, John Hamilton of the Ontario Bar presents what we hope will be the first in a series of Viewpoints on the “ideal” regulation of charities by income tax authorities.

Bookshelf includes a review of the latest edition of that invaluable reference volume, Canadian Directory to Foundations which has been published recently by The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, as well as an assessment of two other reference works which should be of interest to various organizations in the philanthropic sector.

Readers will also be interested to know that the first annual directory to Canadian charitable organizations is now being produced by Third Sector Publishing with the co-operation of the Centre. Entitled Third Sector Directory: Fund Raising Organizations, it will provide information about more than 5000 major charitable organizations across Canada. After its publication in Spring 1986 we will review it in more detail.





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