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Book Review

Five Good Ideas—Practical Strategies For Non-profit Success Edited by Alan Broadbent & Ratna Omidvar Toronto: Coach House Press; 2011 isbn: 978-1-55245-246-2 At first glance of

Book Review

The Regulation Of Organised Civil Society by Jonathan Garton Oxford: Hart Publishing; 2009 isbn: 978-1-8411-3800-8 W. Laird Hunter, q.c. Richards Hunter Toogood The dust jacket

You Can’t Get There From Here

Introduction Canada’s charities and voluntary organizations number an estimated 161,000 groups1 (Hall, de Wit, Lasby, McIver, Evers, Johnston, McAuley, Scott, Cucumel, Jolin, Nicol, Berdahl, Roach,