Yvonne Rodney

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Yvonne Rodney

Yvonne Rodney is a proud introvert and a perpetual questioner. She holds a master’s in counselling psychology from the University of Toronto and is an author, career consultant, and speaker. She has written books – both fiction and non-fiction – on a range of topics, including Military to Civilian Employment: A Career Practitioner’s Guide and Moving On: A Quick Guide for Non-Profit Workers. She has also written, directed, and produced several plays.

In 2013, Yvonne “retired” from a lengthy career at U of T, where she was director of the Career Centre for 12 years. During that time, she frequently presented at career-related conferences and events and participated in multiple professional associations. She lives in Toronto and now divides her time between her consulting practice, Inner Change Consulting; part-time career counselling with Jewish Vocational Services; and her writing and speaking engagements. She loves to travel, engage in mentally stimulating conversations, and document her observations on life.

Written By Yvonne Rodney

Rethinking the role of the office

What should organizations with underused office spaces do? Is the pre-pandemic hum necessary, and if yes, how can this vibrancy happen when workers are not in shared workspaces? What will happen if staff do not feel engaged? Contributor Yvonne Rodney talked to leaders from one collective that has tackled the empty-office problem about what they have learned.

The new non-profit workplace: Considerations and solutions

Where should work happen, and when? For how many hours? Post-pandemic, our assumptions about the nature of work have been turned upside down. Contributor Yvonne Rodney outlines the many questions the new zeitgeist has raised and talks to three sector leaders about the practices and changes their organizations have put in place to try to tackle these challenges.

Volunteerism: In crisis or at a crossroads?

With volunteering in Canada in decline, contributor Yvonne Rodney looks at the data and talks to sector leaders to ponder the way forward. The solution, she writes, includes acknowledging the impact of the pandemic, understanding generational differences, and convincing funders to do more to help organizations.

The future of non-profit work and workers post-pandemic

In the face of unprecedented demand for services, financial vulnerabilities, and a human resources crisis, the sector is at a crossroads. In this introduction to our Work in Progress series, which will examine the key issues relevant to the future of non-profit work and workers, contributor Yvonne Rodney outlines some of the fixes that are needed now.