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Tim Harper is a Toronto journalist and author. He spent more than three decades at the Toronto Star as a reporter, Ottawa bureau chief, Washington correspondent, national editor, and national affairs columnist. Tim covered war and revolution in Latin America, upheaval in Russia, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and the rise of Barack Obama in the United States. He covered seven Canadian elections and three American elections. He is co-author, with Alok Mukherjee, of Excessive Force, a study of policing in Toronto, and a contributor to Fish Wrapped: True Confessions from Newsrooms Past, an anthology of life in the golden age of newspapers.

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Climate transition requires a sense of urgency, sector leaders say

Philanthropic foundations can manage their investments to provide much-needed support on the most urgent issues facing the planet in a variety of ways: divestment, transition financing combined with shareholder engagement, impact/ESG investment – or even winding down and freeing up their endowments to accelerate work toward a net-zero Canada by 2050. 

Navigating the murky waters of responsible investing

Canadian foundations know that responsible investing can reap both positive impacts and benchmark-beating financial returns, but it isn’t easy – knowing where to invest, measuring social outcomes, even agreeing what to call it. It’s “tough, ongoing work,” says one foundation leader.

Will eliminating ‘direction and control’ close the funding gap?

Bill S-216 would amend the contentious language in the Income Tax Act that requires registered charities to exercise “full direction and control” over their “own activities” when they work with partners that don’t have formal charitable status. In the second part of an ongoing series – exploring a range of views, experiences, and concerns – we examine the concern that the sector may be hiding behind direction-and-control to “mask a more deeply rooted issue in a white-led philanthropic sector.”