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John Lorinc

John Lorinc is a Toronto journalist and editor. He writes about cities, business, technology, local history, and public policy for various media, including SpacingThe Globe and Mail, and Corporate Knights. He began reporting for The Philanthropist in 2017 and has written about sector issues ranging from rural and sports philanthropy to debates around charity policy. John is also a contributing editor to The Philanthropist Journal. Outside his coverage of the sector, he was the Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy in 2019/2020, working on a series about smart cities and democracy. John is also the Toronto non-fiction editor for Coach House Books and has worked on several Toronto-focused anthologies, including The Ward (2015), Any Other Way (2017), and Indigenous Toronto: Stories That Carry This Place (2021).

Written By John Lorinc

A brewing showdown over disbursement quotas

During the pandemic, as charities have grappled with the double burden of increased demand for services and reduced capacity to fundraise, some have asked why Canada’s foundations – public and private – aren’t drawing more from their investment accounts to support the causes they funded in the before-times.

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The Philanthropist Journal unveils its new website, the culmination of almost two years of planning, outreach, and collaborative design by Sasha Endoh and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo.