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Christina Palassio

Christina Palassio is a strategic communications professional and writer with a background in journalism and more than 20 years of experience working in the arts, food security, and international development sectors. In addition to contributing to The Philanthropist, she also writes about cycling, culture, and causes for The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Canadian Cycling, and other publications. She’s proud to be a member of Humber College’s Professional Writing Certificate advisory committee and the co-chair of Unlock Democracy Canada, a grassroots, non-partisan organization committed to strengthening Canada’s democracy.

Written By Christina Palassio

Convincing people that change is possible by ‘painting the beautiful tomorrow’

Contributor Christina Palassio talked to renowned communications strategist Anat Shenker-Osorio recently about the power and promise of positive messaging and how non-profits and charities – from leaders and funders to fundraisers and communicators – can navigate increasingly polarized and polarizing political and cultural environments and move donors and supporters to take action for lasting positive, unifying change.

Shaping the narrative on abortion rights and access

While access to abortion is protected in Canada, not everyone who needs an abortion can get one, and public opinion has been affected by ideological shifts in Canada and abroad. Frédérique Chabot, director of domestic health promotion at Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights, talks about policy goals, framing the case for increasing access, and the need to dispel harmful narratives.

Shifting the conversation: How the sector is using narrative change to advance social change

Changing the way people think about an issue is a precondition to mobilizing action on it. But which organizations have institutionalized narrative change practices as a strategic priority, and how is that playing out day-to-day? How many non-profits are doing the deep listening necessary to understand how audiences perceive their issues, and developing strategic messaging that can shift the conversation?

50 years, 50 moments (part 3)

On the occasion of The Philanthropist Journal’s 50th year of publishing, we look back at 50 notable moments, movements, and trends that have affected the non-profit and charitable sector in Canada. Part 3 focuses on the long road to improving sector–government relations.