This special issue is a collaboration between The Philanthropist and Imagine Canada. As part of its National Engagement Strategy, over 500 established and emerging leaders will come together from across the country and across the sector to be part of the National Summit for the

Charitable and Nonprofit Sector in Ottawa, November 28–30, 2011. The issue includes a series of articles that are meant to stimulate and inform discussion and debate about the priority issues to be addressed at the Summit.

While The Philanthropist is an online journal, conference participants will receive a hardcopy. The Philanthropist is the place for encouraging discussion about the nonprofit sector in Canada. We invite you to subscribe for free by going to .

Lynne Toupin

Guest Associate Editor

Lynne Toupin has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. She managed a number of national organizations as well as being co-chair of the VSI Accord Table and staff for the Broadbent Panel on Governance and Accountability. She now works as an independent consultant.


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