What We’re Looking For

The Philanthropist is a free online publication providing a forum for thoughtful discussion and debate about the nonprofit world in Canada. Since 1972, it has been publishing articles and useful information directed towards practitioners, scholars, supporters, and others engaged in the sector.

We are looking for high-quality, well-written, original articles that will be of interest to a range of people connected to the sector: Boards, staff, volunteers, donors, financial advisors, government officials, scholars and researchers, and others with an interest in the sector.

We are often looking for articles on specific themes. Email us to find out what themes we are exploring. We occasionally publish articles directed to specific constituencies. Overall, we are looking for articles that explore new ideas or approaches, and different perspectives from readers in various parts of the sector.


We publish articles in their original language (French or English).

Journalistic rather than academic

The Philanthropist began as a scholarly journal, and while we continue to publish occasional scholarly pieces, we are interested in articles with more of a journalistic tone. We understand that there are many ways to tell a story. We urge contributors to use the format that best allows them to get their point across and to write in a lively style that promotes dialogue and discussion among readers.


The maximum length that we will consider is 3000 – 4,000 words, although we occasionally publish longer pieces. Shorter pieces of 500 to 1000 words are also welcome.

Editorial Review

All submissions are reviewed by an Editorial Committee. Articles that are accepted for publication are copyedited to conform to The Philanthropist’s style.


We do not publish notices about courses, upcoming events, job opportunities, advertising, or breaking news items.

If you have an idea for an article, please contact us to discuss.

How to Submit an Article

Submissions should be formatted according to our writers’ guidelines and emailed to the editor – [email protected]