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Video: Frances Lankin

Frances Lankin’s reflections in this video, “reflections from the retiring executive director of the Toronto United Way,” Frances Lankin discusses the need to pull voices


Causeway re-imagines money causeway is a collaborative project on social finance anchored with Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National. Causeway invites people to re-imagine money with

Video: Clay Shirky on Ushahidi

Clay Shirky on Ushahidi from tracking wildlife in kenya to the moderation of elections in Mexico, from snow cleanup in Washington state to risk prevention

The Philanthropist—Annotated Bibliography

Levis, Fern (deceased) (1972). The Protection of Charities in Ontario. The Philanthropist/Le Philanthrope, 1(1), 11-21. Keywords: Public Trustee of Ontario; Charities Accounting Act; The Mortmain and

New Editorial Board Member

The Philanthropist is pleased to announce that Peter Broder, Corporate Counsel and Director, Regulatory Affairs at Imagine Canada, has joined the Editorial Board. Peter edited