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Since its inception in 1972, The Philanthropist has been a forum for thinking about the charitable and non-profit sector in Canada. The journal has provided practical and thoughtful information by and for charitable and non-profit practitioners, board members, volunteers, and all those with an interest in the sector. The journal’s purpose was clearly set out in its first issue:

“This Committee hopes through this publication to offer a forum for an informed and constructive critique of the charitable and philanthropic scene in Canada. It is intended as a vehicle of expression not only for lawyers but for those engaged in the operational side of charity, for public servants charged with the responsibility for the supervision of charity and for private individuals interested in a more contemporary way of expressing their benefactions.” (Vol 1, No 1)

In 2010, with the help of Simon Fraser University (SFU), the journal changed from a paid-subscription-based print journal to a free, open-access online publication. We want to thank SFU, and particularly Marilyn Bittman who served as Managing Editor and Rowland Lorimer, Founding Director of the Master of Publishing Program and the Canadian Centre for Studies in publishing, for their work in managing the publication and extending its reach over the last five years. Their contribution has prepared us to take the next step in the evolution of The Philanthropist.

Our new website will further extend our reach, influence, and positioning as a digital publication that takes full advantages of web technology, and that allows us to post articles as they are ready, to be more responsive and proactive to changes in the environment, and to animate an active exchange of ideas with readers.

We have had the privilege of working with Jessica Duffin Wolfe, founder of The Toronto Review of Books, to develop a new site for readers that is intuitive, user friendly, engaging, and searchable. It has been designed to be responsive to all devices, integrated with social media, and to allow us to engage with the sector through moderated comments, accessible PDF versions of prior content and current articles, and access to issue archives of over 700 articles.

The Philanthropist will continue to deliver the type of information readers have come to rely on for over 40 years  – curated, thoughtful, and professionally written articles on legal, tax, operational, and governance matters that affect Canada’s charitable and non-profit sector as well as special series that focus on specific issues and challenges faced by the sector.

The Philanthropist is committed to fostering informed discussion and lively debate and thinking about the sector and its future.

We want to know what you think. Post your comments on the new website. Tell us what you would like to see. Let us know if you have an idea for an article or want to submit one based on your own experience or knowledge.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The Philanthropist Editors – Malcolm Burrows, Gordon Floyd & Susan Manwaring


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