Sharon Riley

Sharon Riley

Sharon J. Riley is a journalist based in Edmonton. She is the Prairies bureau chief for The Narwhal, and her writing has also been published by The Walrus, Alberta Views, Harpers, and others.

Written By Sharon Riley

Criticism is good for philanthropy – if done well

Philanthropy is the target of much criticism, and good critique is part of a conversation. Sector leaders talk about what to do in response to the criticism that philanthropy has failed to provide support “where it’s needed most.”

Youth perspectives on philanthropy, 10 years later

Ten years ago, in a series called “Youth and the Future of Philanthropy,” The Philanthropist Journal asked how the sector could better serve, and include, young people. Here’s what some of the contributors to that series have to say now about how – and if – the sector has changed for the better.

Le secteur caritatif au Canada : Perspectives 2022

La collaboratrice Sharon Riley a demandé aux dirigeants du secteur ce qu’il convient de savoir pour se préparer aux changements et aux incertitudes de 2022. Voici douze tendances qui, selon eux, seront d’actualité durant la prochaine année.

The Philanthropist interview: Niki Sharma

As of last October, BC’s non-profit sector has a “home” in government, in the person of MLA Niki Sharma, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-Profits. Her mandate: ensure a smooth pandemic recovery and act as the sector’s advocate and point of contact in government.