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Kareem Shaheen

Kareem Shaheen is a journalist and editor based in Montreal. He was previously Turkey and Middle East correspondent for The Guardian and is now a senior editor at Newlines Magazine, a writer for the Arabic satirical site Al-Hudood, and a columnist for UAE-based newspaper The National. He taught international journalism at Concordia University and has an MA in war studies from King’s College London. 

His journalism work has focused on the Syrian civil war, operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, human trafficking in Lebanon, the 2016 coup attempt and its aftermath in Turkey, Turkish election campaigns, terrorist attacks, and refugee issues. He was nominated for a Frontline Club Award for his on-the-ground coverage of the chemical attacks in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, in 2017. 

Since moving to Canada in 2018, he has worked extensively with independent Arab-led media outlets as a trainer, editor, and consultant to develop their work, mentor their journalists, and improve their financing, with the hope of helping them navigate an environment of authoritarianism and declining human rights and freedoms in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

Written By Kareem Shaheen

Does CRA’s Charities Directorate have an Islamophobia problem?

The Under Layered Suspicion report examines three Muslim charities that had their tax-exempt status revoked after audits by the Canada Revenue Agency. The details of the audits paint a picture of a community that is deeply anxious about its relationship with the system’s overseers and is constantly under pressure to prove it is not a threat.