Elizabeth McIsaac

Elizabeth McIsaac

Elizabeth McIsaac is president of Maytree. She’s an accomplished leader in the not-for-profit sector with extensive experience in research, teaching, and working in direct service provision.

Written By Elizabeth McIsaac

From storytelling to rights-based participation

The meaningful participation of people and communities with lived experience is key to a human-rights-based approach to poverty. Storytelling is a start, but it is only one side of the process, says Maytree’s Elizabeth McIsaac. We need to think deeply about how we receive those stories and incorporate people’s expertise into decision-making, she says, and we will improve our practice if we admit that we have lots to learn.

Moving from theory to implementation on human rights and poverty

Using a human rights approach means reconceptualizing what our systems do, what they aim for, and who they serve. It is the ultimate in systems change. Elizabeth McIsaac, president of Maytree, reflects on the foundation’s work and role in implementing a human rights approach to poverty.