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Abdul Nakua

Abdul Nakua is a community organizer and a connector. His path to journalism was not the usual: he navigated it as he realized the importance of representation and the power of voice. His writings are informed by his lived experience as he explores the meaning of belonging and identity within the confinements of the pluralistic society. He has written for the Toronto Star, Rabble, The Hill Times, and Policy Options.

In addition to writing, reading and walking are important activities. His reading interests span a wide range of subject areas, from politics to biographies, and from history to philosophy.

He has broad experience in the technology and non-profit sectors, with a portfolio that includes program delivery, social innovation, community engagement, communication, branding, and philanthropy.

Written By Abdul Nakua

Reflecting on the CRA audits of Muslim charities

The Muslim Association of Canada audit became symbolic of the systematic targeting of Islamic charities, writes Abdul Nakua, and the lack of widespread condemnation from the philanthropic sector raises troubling questions.