Danny Glenwright Appointed as Managing Editor

The Philanthropist is pleased to announce the appointment of Danny Glenwright as Managing Editor.

He replaces long-time Managing Editor Norah McClintock, who stepped down earlier this year.

Glenwright is the Executive Director of Action Against Hunger/Action contre la Faim Canada, a Toronto-based humanitarian organization.

He comes to The Philanthropist with leadership experience in the not-for-profit sector in Canada and internationally, including in Africa and the Middle East.

Glenwright also has more than 13 years of experience in journalism, including as the managing editor of Xtra newspaper in Toronto and the Gender Links news service in South Africa.

“What a treat it is to take on this role, which combines so many of my interests,” said Glenwright. “I feel privileged to join the team at The Philanthropist, a journal I’ve long respected, and play a key role in the engaging debates it facilitates.”

Glenwright holds a master’s degree in international cooperation and development and a bachelor of arts in journalism. He has written extensively about gender issues, media literacy, and Canada’s role in international development.

“Danny Glenwright brings a marvellous combination of charitable sector experience and great journalistic verve.  We’re delighted to have him as our Managing Editor,” said Malcolm Burrows, an Editorial Director at The Philanthropist and Head of Philanthropic Advisory Services at Scotia Wealth Management.

As Managing Editor, Glenwright will work collaboratively with The Philanthropist’s editorial team, as well as with contributors from across the country, to produce content that stimulates discussion about Canada’s evolving charitable sector.

“The past few years has been an exciting time at The Philanthropist as the editorial team and the editors have transitioned the Journal onto an exciting web platform,” says Susan Manwaring, an Editorial Director at The Philanthropist and partner at Miller Thomson, where she serves as national lead of its Social Impact Group. “Danny joining the team will build our capacity as we move to increase subscribership and become a key voice for the sector in these interesting and evolving times.”

Founded in 1972, The Philanthropist is a free online journal for practitioners, academics, supporters and others engaged in the non-profit sector in Canada. The Agora Foundation funds The Philanthropist, which publishes articles and useful information about the sector’s important contributions to our communities, our country, and our world and aims to spark and facilitate debate among readers.

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