Terrance S. Carter

Terrance S. Carter

Terrance S. Carter is the managing partner of Carters Professional Corporation and counsel to Fasken on charitable matters.

Written By Terrance S. Carter

Investment powers for charities in Canada

With a patchwork of laws across Canada governing the investment of charitable funds, and a lack of clarity and CRA guidance around impact investments, charities that operate in more than one province must spend considerable time and money on ensuring compliance – resources that would be better directed toward their charitable work.

Charity law reform: Charitable purpose trusts

This is the second in a series of articles focused on various aspects of charity law that have been a burden on the Canadian charitable and non-profit sector for 70 years. The articles are written by members of the Canadian Bar Association’s Charities and Not-for-Profit Law Section, who deal with these issues on behalf of their clients on a regular basis. In this piece, Terrance S. Carter looks at charitable purpose trusts.

New CRA Policy on Umbrella Organizations

Introduction This article provides a brief overview of the draft policy entitled Guidelines for the Registration of Umbrella Organizations (“Guidelines”) that was released by Canada