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Samantha Edwards

Samantha Edwards is an award-winning freelance writer and editor based in Toronto. She’s contributed to the Toronto Star, CBC, Toronto Life, West End Phoenix, Esquire, The Globe and Mail, and The Local. She also copy edits beautiful urbanism and travel books for Berlin-based publisher Gestalten. For three years, she worked as a staff writer at the Toronto alt-weekly NOW magazine, where she covered a wide swath of issues, including affordable housing, music, urbanism, and local politics. Prior to that, she worked as a contributing editor at House & Home magazine and as a fact checker at Flare magazine. These days, she enjoys writing about social justice issues, the climate crisis, books, and music. When she’s not writing, she can likely be found eating ramen, gardening, cycling, travelling, and hanging out with her cat, Marble.

Written By Samantha Edwards

Halifax Mutual Aid: Building shelters and raising awareness about the housing crisis

Grassroots organizations are an integral part of the non-profit sector, responding to needs and shaping how communities care for each other. This profile, the first in a series, looks at how a group of Haligonians, recognizing that vulnerable people had nowhere to go during the pandemic and that government and non-profit organizations weren’t acting quickly enough, came together to fill a pressing need.