The Philanthropist, a publication of the Agora Foundation, is an online journal for those interested and engaged in the charitable and non-profit sector in Canada.

The Philanthropist has been publishing articles written by and for the charitable and non-profit sector in Canada since 1972. Current and archived content is available without charge at

The Philanthropist welcomes submissions and strives to generate content that promotes informed and constructive critiques, conversations and debates about the role of the non-profit sector in Canadian society.

ISSN 2562-1491

Editorial Director
Gordon Floyd, Agora Foundation Board of Directors

Editorial Advisory
Profiles of all members available here.

Book Editor
Peter Broder, Muttart Foundation

Editors Emeriti
Don Bourgeois
Mary Louise Dickson
Lynn Bevan
John Gregory
David Stevens

In Memoriam
John Hodgson, Blake, Cassels & Graydon
Norah McClintock, past Managing Editor

Editorial Staff
Lesley Fraser, Managing Editor: [email protected]
Jillian Witt, Community Engagement Lead: [email protected]
Leslie Wright, Publication Manager: [email protected]
John Lorinc, Contributing Editor: [email protected]

Illustrator and Designer
Paul Dotey,

The Philanthropist is published by the Agora Foundation.

Our History
The Philanthropist/Le Philanthrope was founded in 1972 by the Charities Committee of the Wills and Trusts Section of the Canadian Bar Association to address the need for reference sources in Canada for charities and charities law. In its early years The Philanthropist was an annual run entirely by volunteers, appearing when the editor was able to commit time, the editorial committee was able to obtain suitable material, and the journal’s manager and his secretary were successful in nurturing subscriptions and donations. The publishing schedule was officially described as “spasmodic.”

From 1980 to 1986, the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, now Imagine Canada, assumed the role of “publisher” and offered a subscription to the journal as one of the benefits of its Associates Program. This expanded subscriber base made it possible to increase the frequency of publication and expand the subject matter to include management and accounting issues as well as matters pertaining to the law.

In 1987, under the leadership of John Hodgson, The Philanthropist underwent a successful reorganization and redeployment of resources. The Agora Foundation re-assumed the role of publisher, a Management Committee was established to supplement the efforts of the Editorial Board, and an Accounting Advisory Panel, comparable to the Legal Advisory Panel, was added. As well, The Philanthropist Award for Proficiency in Legal and Financial Writing and Analysis was introduced, made possible by generous private donations. The Award is intended to encourage Canadian students to address legal and other issues affecting philanthropy in Canada.

In 2009, The Philanthropist moved from a print to an online format.

Open Access Policy
This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Copyright Notice
Copyright for all published material is retained jointly by The Philanthropist and the author(s). Permission to reprint, with full attribution, is normally granted without charge to other publications, but the editors reserve the right to determine if permission should be given.

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