Policy Matters: Robin Sokoloski

Later this year, Canadians will vote in the 43rd federal election. Many non-profit organizations, networks, and coalitions see elections as a critical opportunity to raise relevant public policy issues. Recently, the rules for charities engaging in public policy have become a prominent source of debate and discussion in government and the sector. As we count down to the next election, The Philanthropist is asking non-profit leaders what public policy issues are top of mind for them.

Name and organization: Robin Sokoloski, Playwrights Guild of Canada and founding member of Mass Culture

What current election issues might impact your work?  

The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage recently presented a list of recommendations in its Shifting Paradigms report. This report recognizes the very real impact of unintended consequences following 2012 changes to the Copyright Act. If adopted, these recommendations will foster positive, sustainable conditions for Canada’s writers, artists and publishers, and benefit students and educators at every level by encouraging continued investment in high-quality Canadian content.

What issues would you like to bring more attention to in the election? 

Discovering innovative ways of supporting our artistic content – our nation’s stories. There is a direct correlation between spectrum auctions and artistic content. A percentage of the dollars raised through spectrum auctions should be allocated towards supporting artists (both in the creative industries and non-profits) and the development of their work. 

Where can we learn more about these issues?

Shifting Paradigms, 2019 Report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

I Value Canadian Stories campaign

Here’s what Jim Flaherty should do with those billions from the spectrum auction, Globe and Mail, 2014


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